Adaptation and the fractal

This entry adds to my entry on the evolution of the fractal. It should go without saying - but it does require a mention.

Adaptation is demonstrated by (or in) the fractal as a change in the shape; it is a change in the 'different' component of what makes a fractal - 'same' but 'different' through all scales. If we substitute or add time, this may be read as, 'same' but 'different' through all time scales.
This is to say that the same rule or shape will repeat in different ways - through time -  as a result of outside influences, it will adapt, or it will change. This adaptation is best demonstrated in the fossil record - 'same' but 'different' through time.  

It maybe useful to reflect on the elasticity of the shape; the elasticity or senitivity to change, changes through scale, and or time. This is shown in the below diagram and is described in an earlier entry on Decay.


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