Possible meeting with Lawrence Krauss

Tomorrow (Friday 15, 3, 2013) the school and program I am working at (IB ybc Stockholm Sweden) will have a visitor: Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss is coming to lecture, and be with our student's. What a wonderful thing. But for me, since I have know this coming, it has been very disturbing - as I am hoping to get time with him to pitch my discoveries. And I know if I do, and he 'gets it' that things will change.

I am a concerned that as I have not officially published then my work, but am in the process of doing so, I will be giving my knowledge to an expert who can produce paper and publish very quickly, and take the credit. So I am writing this entry to expose this concern. But I have little choice: before I knew he was coming, I was at an end, near breakdown: I could not go any further on the topic of the expanding fractal and it relevance to quantum mechanics, expanding universe, dark energy and so on.. as it is too much for one person, I need support, I need an ego massage. My health is not good for this stuff. So I am hoping for the best tomorrow.

Today, in my economics class, I showed my student's what I am going to present Lawrence, and the got it in 20 minutes - amazing. One of the students who said he had been following this topic for years, had tears in his eye, and was moved.
 So if it doesn't work for Lawrence, I will produce a lecture, and publish it on youtube, because I am tired of searching for help.

As of now, 15:30 Thursday, I know not if I will get to see him: the organiser has sent him two of my links - one on quantum and the fractal, and one on the expanding fractal - but I know not if he has seen them.
I don't want to be a dork! And push it on him, I would like him to see what I have done.
Tomorrow is a special day.
The fact of the matter is: if we do meet, and I get the message to him, he will never do his speech in the same way again.
To me, all the lectures on youtube, on the subject, are boring, and are out dated.



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