To Professor Brian Cox on Facebook on Contradictions

I have now published my updated theory of the atmosphere.
Quantum Mechanics and Raman Spectroscopy Refute Greenhouse Theory
The Greenhouse Gases and Infrared Radiation Misconceived by Thermoelectric Transducers

I have placed the following comment on Professor Brian Cox's Facebook sight in response to the following clip; I look forward to review and or feedback.

Professor Cox, yes those laws 'repeat all over the universe', but there are two gaseous molecules that - by 'our' understanding of greenhouse theory - contradict these laws, nitrogen and oxygen - together making up some 99% of Earths atmosphere. In greenhouse theory N2 and O2 are assumed, as if by law, not to absorb or emit radiation, but this, if true, is in violation of both thermodynamics and quantum mechanics where everything above absolute zero and with spectra lines (vibration modes) vibrates and radiates; but conversely, if found wrong of mistaken, would pose a violation of greenhouse theory. So what gives? I have found the solution to the problem, and thermodynamics and QM hold; it is greenhouse theory as we know it that needs to be reviewed. N2 and O2 have (I have discovered) predicted vibration modes (by the QM Schrodinger equation - no less) within the infrared range of the EMS at 2330cm-1 and 1556cm-1 respectively. These predicted modes (I have discovered) cannot be measured by thermoelectric detectors as used in 'IR spectroscopy' (the same used to define the so-called greenhouse gases and first used by John Tyndall in 1859) due to a vibration property they - and all the other greenhouse gases actually - share, but they can be (very clearly) measured by Raman spectroscopy - the complementary instrument to IR spectroscopy. If you think these modes, and what I have uncovered is trivial, well they are not, else a CO2 laser would not function. N2, at the said 2330 mode is excited (just as with your hydrogen) so as to 'pump' CO2's (close) 2349cm-1 mode. In laser theory, N2 is said to be metastable, long-lasting. Please note I am not suggesting the atmosphere is a laser, it is just that the mode(s) exist.

In advance of the attacks I will no dealt receive over this claim, please tell me where I am directly wrong - everything to my claim is from published work, and is easily accessible and is standard knowledge to any chemist or physicist. And please note, there are no so-called 'climate sceptics' that enjoy my claim, this is a new pillar. If I am right though, this will be the greatest upset to science since the beginning of modern science itself, since Galileo pointed his telescope. The atmosphere only has greenhouse gases, just as Fourier first posited - no special ones - and CO2 is, I'm afraid, trivial.


  1. Thanks for the informative and helpful post, obviously in your blog everything is good..

    1. With respect to this post, it 'is good' for annoying PhDs and Professors of chemistry, none of which have shaken me off my claim; and I have duelled with many now.

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