Rutherfords Edict No Communism in Lab

"Communist Propaganda is Not Allowed in the Lab."

Lord Ernest Rutherford's Edict laid down on Russian Scientist, Peter Kapitza's first day at the
Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 1921. Reference: Rutherford, J Campbell AAS Publications, pg 387.

I personally think he is the greatest scientist of all time. His discoveries, by experiment, opened the door to the world we inherit. As a New Zealander myself, I am deeply inspired. I have been many times to his home town, I used to work near Havelock, and I did my teacher training at Nelson College.
He was. by all accounts, a man of principle. It was with that in mind I put this 'Rutherford's Edict' together this morning on his 150th birthday.
I think his edict is lost in today's world and the likes of my work (on the fractal and the atmosphere) will never be seen because of it.


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