The (fractal) God Illusion - the feeling of being watched.

The (fractal) God Illusion:
This applies to the Koch Curve zoom and links to my early blog on Inflation.

The following video inspired me for this insight, but the insight actually came to me while waiting in a doctors surgery - funny enough.
This is a great video on fractals and the Mandelbrot set : at 4:20 min Arthur C Clark explains the infinite size of the Mandelbrot set.

Two people stand at the edge of the fractal ( the Koch Snowflake), pairing into it - as if it were a tunnel or a computer screen.
What if one of the people (the walker) were able to walk out into the zoom, while the other stayed out and watched (the viewer).
For the walker, it would be like walking into a tunnel, and the viewer would see him or her get smaller and smaller as they walk in.
Now, what if the walker were to stop, turn, and look behind. What would they see?
A tunnel - with the viewer at the entrance, very small, and watching?
They would see infinity: they would see the infinite eye of the viewer - who is actually only looking into what they both know and see is a simple (triangle making Koch Snowflake) fractal.


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