1 + 1 does not equal 2

It came to me yesterday - in an epiphany:
1 + 1 does not equal 2 : if it does it is only half the answer, the other half lies in understanding chaos and fractals.

The definition of (or insight from) the fractal is: same but different (or regular irregularity) - at all scales.
Fractals show us how no one object is the same, they are complex, they are different.

The 'same' component of the definition is quantitative, and met or described as the 1 + 1.
The different is qualitative and describes (at least) the diversity, complexity or unpredictability of the object.

Update 2015
I have long thought about the my early entry and now know more. If 2 identical objects are added together, they equal 1. They are indistinguishable. I have also leant this is an assumption at the quantum level where particles are assumed to be identical; more support to my fractal quantum theory.

I plan to write all this up in one paper as soon as I can.



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