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The development of this blog site, and my ideas, has been a fractal development, just like what I am describing: the idea’s have developed, have grown, and formed a shape, and what started off as a simple thing, has become very complex.

I have been analyzing what I believe to be one of the greatest discoveries of all time, the fractal, and have discovered that the Science of Economics (unbeknown to itself, and what might seem the most unlikely) has a key to the workings of the universe.

Where many have been somewhat ‘normative’, or opinionated in this area of fractals and the universe,  I have developed, to the best of my ability, a ‘positive’, testable proof, based on mathematics, that the shape of the universe is fractal, and explains:  our reality, quantum mechanics, time, light and (yet to be published) our expanding accelerating universe – including an insight or proof to inflation theory.
I have found that with fractals, the universe is not so weird. With fractals, our observations make perfect sense.
If I maybe so bold, and matter of fact, I am convinced that my discovery is analogist Johannes Kepler’s application of ellipses to explain the motion of the planets.

I would like to make claim to my thinking and discoveries:  and have thought long and hard about the advice given to publishing my work through journals, but have decided to publish through this blog, using the creative commons,  rather than the slow and costly process of doing so through journals. Blogging has allowed me to be creative and I will blog at the moment, and publish later. If I had to do it the ‘old’ way like I have been advised, I just don't think I ever would.
My problem’s are:

·         I am busy with my day job – as an Economics teacher.

·         Am not an academic, nor a gifted writer.

·         Am flooded with discoveries, more than I can write alone.

I need

·         To publish all my work

·         Talk to and gain the support of the right people – theoretical physicists*

·         Off load the burden of what I have
A call for help
*If you can help me make contact with a physicist, the likes: of Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss, or  Jim Al-Khalili, you would become part of the story – thank you in advance.
fractalnomics at gmail.com

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I would like to thank my wife and my family, my student's, my collegaues, and my friend's for all their support.


Blair Macdonald
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