paradigm: fractal

I put it out there, paradigms are a fractal phenomena.

This insight is only a day old (2011-09-02):
It was inspired by talking to one of my students. Last year I saw that she (not knowing it) drew or doodled Sierpinski fractals (below) in the corner of her work books - and I thought it was pretty cool.

I pointed out to her  - at the time - that she could only draw down to 7 plus or minus 2 different triangle sizes in one doodle. Yesterday, she came back to me and questioned me again on this: Is that the limit? 7?
 I went on to explain that 7 plus or minus 2 at one one standing or view, or perspective ; but if we zoom in, we will see more and more - as they come into focus; but there will always be 7 - yes.

It came to me later, this standing or perspective is a paradigm, and is demonstrated by the fractal development below. The paradigm is the view from the first iteration to fractal equilibrium.

A change in paradigm comes with a  zoom into the fractal (universe) - leaving the past behind - as it decays away.

As and example, what have microscopes, and telescopes done for our understanding? Changed us forever.

Thank you Amanda  (with permission).


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