Pareto Efficiency, fractal

Fractal Pareto Efficiency
In a comment made on my fractalnomics youtube clip, Pareto and the fractal came up – is there a connection? Not to take the creativity from the person with the question, I began to think about it myself.

Pareto efficiency is where: one cannot be made better off without making another worse off.  It is said to be achieved at your full potential or market equilibrium.

Fractal Pareto Efficiency
Since the fractal demonstrates and shows market equilibrium (see my earlier work), fractal equilibrium is also the point of Pareto efficiency.

Further to this - and trying to be in line with the Pareto efficiency definition (above) -  the merging of  fractal development with fractal decay (as seen below), shows fractal Pareto Efficiency, where:
('new') information cannot be gained, with losing ('old')information.
or, put another way - we cannot go forward or grow without leaving something behind.


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