Fractal Uncertainty

(Fractal) Uncertainty
Observing a (Koch Snowflake) fractal (Fig. 1 below) in superposition: position, scale and direction (of growth) of any one triangle, is only ever known with reference to another reference point – another measurement or observation – and since there is no reference to be found in this state of ceteris paribus or isolation, there is only absolute uncertainly – of the above. In a previous entry – fractal ceteris paribus – I explained this fractal feature independant of any knowledge of quantum theory.

Can position be determined - in the above fractal anamations?

One can never know where they are – on the fractal – without a reference. When a reference is found, or a measurement is made, position and scale is know; but even then, this reference a insecure measure –  as all things are of a fractal 'fuzzy' nature, the measurer too.

Fig. 1 Koch Snowflake fractal - in superposition

An after note:
When position and scale is known, direction (history) is not known.
Direction is only known when there is no observer – when the fractal is in a state of superposition.


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